About Us
Craig Lyons - Vocals, Guitar
Steve Chapman - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Charlotte Stephens - Keyboards, Vocals
Mike Stephens - Drums
Mark Csicsery - Bass, Vocals

The Damn Dirty Apes like playing rock and roll and having fun. More importantly, they make sure their audience has fun, too. The members of the Apes have over 150 years of combined musical and club experience bringing the joy of rock and roll to the people. Playing rock and roll from the 60’s through today, along with some country and funk favorites, the band keeps the crowd dancing through the night.

Hailing from the Livermore Valley and East Bay, the Damn Dirty Apes consist of Craig Lyons on vocals and guitar, Steve Chapman on guitar and vocals, Mark Csicsery on bass, Charlotte Stephens on vocals and keyboards, and Mike Stephens on drums. With three different vocalists, and one of them being female, the Apes are able to play a variety of styles. Having two accomplished guitar players in Steve and Craig makes for some interesting guitar interplay and harmony leads. Charlotte’s keyboards give the band a big, full sound. A solid foundation laid down by Mike and Mark completes the package.

Whether they’re playing rock staples, contemporary hits, or bringing out closet classics, the Apes will have the crowd proclaiming “Four thumbs up!”